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CoinUs Token Participation Guide

1. CoinUs App Download.

2. Sign up.

3. Parcitipate KYC/AML.

4. Submit KYC/AML to the “TrustVerse” via the Token Launcher.

5. Create an Ethereum Wallet and send ETH.

6. Participating After the KYC/AML Confirmation Email.



1. CoinUs App Download


Participate TVS token sale through CoinUs Wallet.

You can download CoinUs Wallet app using the button corresponding to the OS version of your phone.

You can also search “CoinUs Wallet” through Google Play Store or iTunes Store.


CoinUsWallet Download



2. Sign up


Click “Create Wallet” to create CoinUs Wallet.

CoinUs provides three security measures.


1. 6 Digit Pin Code // 2. Mnemonic Backup // 3. QR Code Backup


Please be cautious when saving the information above.

Users are reliable for the safety of the wallet.




3. Participation in KYC/AML


You must enter KYC/AML to participate for the TVS Sale.

Your submission ID card and the language you fill in must be the same.

* Basically, you only need to go to level 1. (Progress to level 2 if necessary)




4. Submit KYC/AML to the “TrustVerse” via the Token Launcher


Click on the TrustVerse Token Launcher to submit KYC/AML verification.


Once the KYC/AML verification is complete, you will received

the following cases reject or success cases through your email.




5. Create an Ethereum Wallet and send ETH


You must send Ethereum to your CoinUs Wallet in order to participate in the TVS token sale.

Please transfer the amount of ETH you want participate.




6. Participating After the KYC/AML Confirmation Email


Once confirmed, the “Participate” button will be live and you may proceed to transfer the amount.

Enter the amount and select the wallet to finish the process.



KYC/AML Most rejected Guide ( click )
# If you have any questions, please contact us at telegram or KakaoTalk Open Chat, E-mail.



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