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In Futurama Block Chain Innovation Summit 2018, TrustVerse

Deliver a sense of the overall scene.




TrustVerse, a block-chain AI and FinTech company, was invited to the “Global Top 10 ICO Project” at the “Futurama Block Chain Innovation Summit 2018” held on November 10-13 in Spain In particular, TrustVerseis the only Korean national team to enter the main competition and compete with the other eight projects.


The atmosphere inside the hall is free and new. “The main purpose of the Futurama Summit is to select and incubate true ICO projects among the many indiscriminate ICOs”


Deliver a sense of the overall scene.






Block Chain Seoul 2018 : 100 second interview

This video was interviewed about the trust bus in Blockchain Seoul hosted by MoneyToday and ZDNet.



This video was interviewed about the trust bus in Blockchain Seoul hosted by MoneyToday and ZDNet.



The main character of the video is Director Jayden Song who will join the Trust Bus, Global Strategy Planning Office and Compliance / Legal Affairs Officer.

he’s from Deloitte Consulting & E & Y (Hanyoung Accounting Corporation) and lived in a foreign country for a long time.






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WXY Group Sparks Off Captivating Conversations With ELEVEN Global Meetup at Mandarin Orchard




SINGAPORE – September 19, 2018 – (

Yesterday evening saw the onset of a fresh new concept for blockchain meets – 11 projects pitching their best in the face of blockchain heavyweights, all within a span of 11 minutes. Hosted by WXY Group and co-organised with Singaporean blockchain consulting firm Talenta, the chatter-filled, cosy PM affair was a breath of fresh air amidst the recent trend of stiff, corporate blockchain summits.

ELEVEN officially began with opening speeches by Dr. Duncan Wong, Founder and CEO of CryptoBLK & ABE, and Daniel Wen from ONTology. Following that, 11 blockchain projects took to the stage to pitch their best: Nervos, Laya.One, MatrixOne, Hazza, DREP, TrustVerse, IDA, ArtBlock, QiiBee, PChain and ONO.

A key pitch takeaway came from MatrixOne’s co-founder Jason Xu, former Technology Head of JPMorgan Private Bank. He believes: 

“Wall Street will be tokenized. Even though the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market of today is developing rapidly, the crypto asset management field is still a blank. By using state-of-the-art technologies, MatrixOne aims to provide investors with professional asset management tools and build a trustworthy financial circle.”

Whilst the cardinal of ELEVEN Global Meetup remains with the 11 keynote projects, the limelight was quickly stolen by the stellar panelists who graced the evening. ELEVEN did not disappoint; the lineup of panelists came from a myriad of backgrounds – both traditional and contemporary – all remarkably strong players in their own rights. Notable profiles included,

  • Mr. Kevin Ding, Managing Director of DHVC
  • Mr. Johnson Zhao, General Manager of blockchain royalty Neo;
  • Mr. Darren Toh, Co-founder of decentralised cloud computing marketplace Perlin;
  • Mr. Xia Feng, Founder of American venture capitalist firm Spark Capital;
  • Prof. Zhu Feida, Tenured Associate Professor from Singapore Management University;
  • Ms. Eleanor Jones, Co-Founder of data-driven ecosystem Symphony;
  • Mr. Eugene Tay, blockchain YouTube influencer; and,
  • Mr. Ken, Managing Director of blockchain-centric media platform BlockAsia.

The jovial panelist segment saw riveting debates revolving around the positive impacts that global emerging markets will potentially have on the future development of the blockchain industry.

ELEVEN Global Meetup’s reception was a success characterised by fruitful conversations and valuable connections.

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TrustVerse “Winner of the blockchain contest hosted by Futurama”

Open in Ibiza, Spain … Top Exchange List up…




In the ‘BlockChain Innovation Summit 2018’ held by ‘Futurama Foundation’ made by the most influential blockchain experts in the world, ‘TrustVerse’ won the championship as the only Korean national team. (First place).

8 projects from around the world participated and competed in the event, held in Ibiza, Spain, for four days from the 10th to the 13th.

Hosted by Bitcoin Foundation (Chairman Brock Pierce) and DNA Capital, this event was attended by celebrities such as Roger Ver, policy and administration officials from all over the world, major exchanges and abroad and venture capitalists.

The ‘TrustVerse’, which won the championship, is a digital asset project and corporation that provides information-based services through block-chain smart contracts such as donations and inheritance. Headquartered in Singapore and South Korea to research and development (R & D) centers.

As a result of this victory, TrustVerse received a large amount of Ether as a prize along with the benefits listed on domestic and world-major crypto exchanges.

Chung Ki-wook, TrustVerse CEO,

“ “After the rigorous screening by the Futurama Foundation, TrustVerse won, who is the subject of a blockbuster chain of experts, investors, and institutions”

“It is of great significance that the most influential leaders in the global BlockChain industry can help the project grow successfully,”

“We are talking about the block chain ecosystem and the tokens 1% to the Futurama Foundation. “

The evaluation was made in 3 stages in total. Step 1: Receive and evaluate documents Step 2: Pitch 10 min. Step 3: Interviews and discussions with judges. Evaluation criteria include token economics, team members, business models, service models, operating models, and prototypes. The judges were former Obama administration advisor, World Bank policy officer, lawyer, exchange and venture capital officials.

Jung said, “It is a very difficult contest because we select only one company in the world.” However, it is a good opportunity to save time and money on a project and to be listed on a famous exchange. “



Meanwhile, the Futurama Foundation, which organized the event, was formed to discuss the development direction of the blockchain with the participation of the most influential blockchain experts in the world.

It will cover not only technologies but also economics and philosophy. The summit was held in Dubai earlier than Ibiza. Usually, summit attendance is limited to 300 people. The ‘TrustVerse’ service, which won the championship, is expected to be launched around April next year.


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TrustVerse Institutional Investment – Futurama Global Pipeline Program(FGPP)


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