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TrustVerse – “How We’re Lowering The Barrier To Entry For Wealth Management” – 22 October 2018




How We’re Lowering The Barrier To Entry For Wealth Management

When compared to most other industries, the financial services sector has a significant number of barriers to entry that we have still yet to overcome.

From complicated licensing laws to excessive capital requirements, to regulatory compliance, to complex security requirements, it’s understandable why the industry still feels inaccessible to the majority of the population.

However, this could all be about to change.


The Investment Management Industry Is Changing…For the Better

Anyone who knows anything about the investment management industry can see that it’s changing quite rapidly – and it’s hardly surprising why.

Earlier this year, Deloitte released an article outlining the changes that asset management companies will need to make if they want to stay afloat in today’s environment.

In this article, they stated that “there are signals that customer preferences may experience a quantum shift, as opposed to the incremental changes that the industry has seen over the past decade.”

In other words, they’ve confirmed things are about to change much faster than we’ve been used to – and we need to be ready to adapt.


How Technology is Disrupting the Traditional Wealth Management Industry

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the creation of an increasing number of solutions designed to disrupt the wealth management industry and open it up to a broader audience.

The users of these services are changing dramatically. The industry is opening up to a brand new wave of young investors, who are far more tech-savvy than traditional investors and are requiring a radically different set of tools.

While traditional firms fall further and further behind, tech startups are leaping forward to take their place and fill the gaps in the market.

By using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to help users make the best investment decisions and stay on top of their portfolio, tech startups are not only simplifying the process of wealth management – they’re making it enjoyable.

Even more importantly, they’re making it more accessible. By utilizing software to provide online solutions, firms are able to charge users lower fees than traditional firms.

They’re also allowing users to make lower minimum investments, which lowers the barrier to entry and incentivizes those with limited funds to participate.


Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain – The Perfect Match?

The rise of artificial intelligence has enabled a significant rise in automated investing and portfolio management.

Even more recently, we’ve witnessed a rise in the role of blockchain in asset management – and for good reason. As well as offering vastly improved data security, the technology offers increased speed, increased operational efficiency, and more efficient settling of trades.

Companies like TrustVerse are combining blockchain with artificial intelligence deep neural to help people manage their crypto-assets and their entire online digital identity.
The firm is essentially a financial information service that uses AI technology to prioritize investments based on the users’ profile.

When an item in their profile undergoes market fluctuations, the user will be alerted in real-time to rebalance their portfolio – a feature not provided by other modern financial institutions.

The dApp will even suggest a re-constructed portfolio option that the user can choose to accept or decline.

Smart contracts also used to ensure that a users’ assets are handed down to the designated party correctly when required. This allows users to decide exactly how their assets should be distributed should they die and reduces the chance of unnecessary disputes and excessive legal costs that are often required to resolve the matter.

The firm even provides guidelines for digital asset management in order to minimize legal and tax costs and maximize the amount of money users can make


What Will the Future of Wealth Management Look Like?

Competition is increasing, and there is little doubt that traditional investment firms will face decreasing margins as more investors turn to low-cost solutions.

As the industry continues to move forward, it’s likely we’ll see a vast increase in the number of investment processes supported by computer models – particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning – from fresh new startups with fresh new ideas.

Meanwhile, for traditional firms, the phrase ‘adapt or die’ has never been so relevant. And if they do choose to adopt, they need to do so quickly.


Reference: How We’re Lowering The Barrier To Entry For Wealth Management


[Interview] Reasons for regulation prerequisite with CEO Michael K. Jeoung




Interview with CMN on reasons for regulation prerequisite, Michael K. Jeoung, CEO of TrustVerse

Published on Nov 14, 2018

Michael Kiook Jeoung, CEO of TrustVerse told about the stance of South Korea on ICOs and the benefits of the regulation along with John McAfee, Roger Ver, Miko Matsumura, Ian Balina, Brock, W. Scott, Charlie Lie at 2018 Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Spain.


Reference: CMN Interview: TrustVerse CEO, Michael K. Jeoung at 2018 Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit

All rights reserved. Crypto Market News


Abstract: TrustVerse

TrustVerse is a blockchain based intelligence platform for personal wealth management and a digital asset decentralization protocol. It manages and decentralizes all digital identities and proprietary information (such as iTunes, social media and subscription information) online as well as encrypted assets. When the transfer of managed assets and information is required, TrustVerse DAPP with Smart Contract Design helps to deliver it correctly and securely to the designated party.

TrustVerse’s asset management intelligence platform is powered by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) deep neural technology and a multi-data financial portfolio optimization engine. The TrustVerse project began with the fundamental questions,

“how do you safely protect your digital estate and other assets?”, “how can we reduce information asymmetry and maximize the utility of DAPP with niche and highly demanded service related to wealth management?” We aim to answer that question by providing practical services that enable current and future crypto asset owners to safely handle their assets and also to provide proper management service (Tax, Legal services and etc.)


Co-Founder & CEO: Michael K. Jeoung

  • Global Business Development
  • MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
  • 15 years of high-tech business development and go-to-market strategy experiences in global MNCs, international organizations, public sector & startups
  • Professional career at Cisco Systems as Head of Global Partners Organization-Service Provider Business, coverage for APJC and EMEAR(InterCloud and XaaS), Consultant at OECD Executive Directorate ITN(Business Intelligence and ICT Strategy), Chief Advisor at Ministry of Land & Transport (Smart City-Urban Integrated Operations Center Standardization)
  • Responsible for US$500M in cloud, IoT and network business
  • Lived and worked over 25 years in Singapore, Paris, Jakarta, Vietnam, S.Korea, and U.S.
  • 4 publications on ubiquitous computing and sensor network





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TrustVerse – “Navigating the New Crypto Investment Class” – 12 November 2018






Most notably, the emergence and expansion of digital currencies like bitcoin and hundreds of others like it has presented investors with a compelling asset class that is both novel and opportunistic.

Interestingly, enthusiasm for crypto assets has created a need for additional financial services as novice and experienced investors alike pursue this relatively new market, creating demand for supportive services including long-term financial planning and near-term investment strategies related to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, companies like TrustVerse, Protos, and Digital Capital Management are building platforms that are striving to meet this demand.


The Expansive Crypto Economy


While bitcoin has been around for nearly a decade and several other prominent tokens have existed for several years, the market boom is relatively recent.

Throughout 2017, the return on investment on crypto assets was cartoonish, the equivalent of stats on a video game. Day after day brought new market highs, and these gains were not slight. As many have noted, by the end of the year, the price of bitcoin would come close to $20,000, an incredible jump for an asset worth less than $1,000 at the start of the year. Not to be left out, other digital currencies gained value as well, expanding by thousands of percent as 2017 progressed.

At the same time, burgeoning crypto investment space created an opportunity for new, ancillary financial products related to digital currencies. For example, more than 200 hedge funds crypto-focused hedge funds have emerged in the past several years, bringing a pillar of the traditional financial system into the crypto community.

At the same time, financial institutions are showing an increasing willingness to create products for interested crypto investors. Several institutions including Cboe, CME, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley offering bitcoin futures contracts, and the highly anticipated bitcoin ETF is expected sometime in the not too distance future.


The Role of Crypto Asset Management


Taken together, there is now a robust crypto investment scene, but it’s one that remains mostly unchartered and is still susceptible to dramatic value or sentiment swings.

As a result, there is a growing market for crypto asset management services. People want the kind of financial guidance and investment protection available to investors in traditional markets. They want to invest in crypto, but they want protection from extreme volatility and unnecessary risk, and several companies are striving to fill the void.

TrustVerse, a blockchain-based wealth management platform, is helping investors identify risk and diversify their investments appropriately. Using the power of AI and deep learning algorithms, TrustVerse not only helps investors with estate planning related to crypto assets, but it helps them establish a low-risk crypto portfolio that produces profits even during times of extreme market volatility.

Indeed, the market turbulence that frequently defines crypto markets is exhausting for investors. As Jim Smigiel, CIO of absolute return strategies at SEI Investments Co., told CNBC, “Looking at something with such high volatility all the time is not conducive to an investor’s mental health.” With TrustVerse, investors can harness the computational power of AI to create a more stable and profitable investment strategy while avoiding the headache of the always-in-flux crypto markets.

Meanwhile, other companies like Protos and Digital Capital Management are offering more traditional advisory services including merchant banking and professional fund management. In an industry dominated by a DIY ethos, these companies bring institutional knowledge and attention to crypto investment.

By professionalizing the movement and providing seasoned investors with quality tools for growing and diversifying their wealth, these companies represent the latest installments in the cryptocurrency movement.

Cryptocurrencies are an inclusive asset class. They are available to just about anyone, and their novelty means that the playing field is significantly more level than it is in traditional markets. However, even in this modern environment, investors don’t have to navigate this new investment class alone. They can turn to qualified professional platforms with innovative and capable technology that can support their investment initiatives on an individual basis.


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TrustVerse – “AI Is Helping People Manage Their Crypto Assets” – 11 November 2018






Few things illicit excitement like the mention of AI. It’s everywhere right now. Microsoft is unleashing an aggressive advertising campaign touting its “amplification of human ingenuity,” and IBM’s Watson continually achieves new human-like feats.

AI is even transcending the technology space. Robin Sloan, a California-based author, is using the technology to help him write a novel, which shows, as The New York Times notes, “it is quickly clear that programming is on the verge of redefining creativity.”

That’s the fundamental premise of artificial intelligence. It can replicate human thought and address their tangible needs, not supplanting human ingenuity but enhancing it. In short, AI is a more human-like approach to computing that can be more applicable to people’s actual lives.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that AI capabilities are being applied to financial planning and asset management, an area where the demand for personalized advice and bonified investment intelligence is far outstripping the number of people who can practically provide those services.

This is especially true in the burgeoning crypto market where millions of investors have poured into the new investment space, eager to invest their money but lacking the knowledge to adequately allocate and differentiate their finances. With few experts to assist in these decisions, companies like TrustVerse, VectorSpace, and Elpis, bring AI-powered crypto investment services to market.


Managing Risk & Mitigating Losses


Although cryptocurrencies are most known because of Bitcoin, thousands of other currencies comprise this ecosystem. Taken together, they represent a compressive investment ecosystem that requires knowledge and intentionality to effectively navigate.

What’s more, despite their recent stability, cryptocurrencies remain an unusually volatile investment, prone to wild, unexplained price swings that aren’t typically experienced by other assets. This just underscores the importance of diversification.

TrustVerse, a comprehensive investment management platform that handles crypto as well as other financial assets, deploys AI to help its customers achieve a holistic investment strategy. By combining AI and the blockchain, two technologies on a tandem ascent, TrustVerse optimizes customer portfolios, making specific recommendations that are relevant for the user’s lifespan and beyond.

In comments on the emerging class of AI asset management platforms, Michael Tsang, formal managing director at Alibaba Group Americas and Microsoft HQ in Seattle, described TrustVerse as “the most advanced and profitable investment information construction service with one click.”

Elpis, Switzerland-based artificial intelligence platform, is likewise harnessing the power of AI to equip investors with the knowledge and technology necessary to pursue crypto and traditional assets in a single portfolio.

Meanwhile, other companies including VectorSpace are bucketing crypto products that contain different assets to mitigate exposure to market volatility. Using AI to determine the most appropriate investments based on the user’s comfort with volatility, long-term investment goals, and other factors, VectorSpace is using the best technology to create complete investment strategies in a unique financial market.

It’s a diverse market that is similarly applying artificial intelligence to create compelling platforms that meet customers’ unique needs. Their timing couldn’t be better. There is a profound shortage in the number of people able to provide in-person advice, and AI is effectively bridging the gap.


Leveraging Resources


Just as there is tremendous demand for blockchain professionals, there are fourteen open jobs for every qualified candidate, there is a shortage of financial advisers who can provide reliable insight into crypto investments.

While traditional financial institutions offer low-cost or even free financial planning services for their customers, they do not cover cryptocurrencies. In contrast, there are a growing number of institutions that provide crypto-only investment advice that can help people navigate the crypto ecosystem, but it doesn’t account for a holistic approach to wealth management.

AI can bridge that divide, building and managing comprehensive portfolios that account for the nuance and peculiarities of an individual’s investment ambitions.

Companies like TrustVerse are counting on customers integrating crypto assets into their lifetime portfolios, and they are accounting for the inevitable transition of these assets from generation to generation, something that would never be possible without the help of AI.

Indeed, there is hardly an industry that AI doesn’t impact in a significant way, and the crypto investment landscape is ripe for enhancement. As companies provide increasingly capable platforms for asset management and allocation, users will benefit from a strategic and holistic approach to financial success. Much like Robin Sloan’s AI-written novel, this is a story that’s still in progress, and it’s moving forward every day.


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